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Weight Loss 4U now supplies proven medication from leading pharmaceutical manufacturers,for people who are struggling to lose weight.

Weight Loss


Prescription weight loss pills

Xenical works in the digestive system and blocks up to a third of the fat being absorbed into your body from the foods you eat.



New weight loss aid

Made from natural ingredients, XLS-Medical can help you lose up to three times more weight when used in conjunction with dieting and exercise.

XLS Medical

Weight Loss Treatment Online

Weight Loss 4U online clinic provides branded prescription & non-prescription weight loss treatments such as Xenical and Alli for people who are over weight or obese. Weight Loss 4U does not intend to replace your Doctor, exercise or healthy diet, but is here to help you so you can arrange your own weight loss program. Please note we do not supply generic, herbal or unlicensed medication.

We can help you lose weight if your existing diet and exercise regime is not giving you the results. Our Doctors recommend life style changes for an effective weight loss program. If you are seriously obese or over weight and life style changes alone are not bringing any results, we may be able to help.

We offer a free prescription service for branded weight loss tablets such as Xenical and Alli enabling you to order these treatments online from our web site, which means our Doctors, will write a suitable prescription for you after an online health questionnaire has been filled out. The prescription or online consultation is at no cost to you. You only pay for your medication. Once a prescription has been written, the medication can then be paid for and it will be sent out to you at no extra cost the next day in the UK. Our Doctors are GMC registered, and we only prescribe proven branded medication by the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Xenical and Alli.

Please be aware that our online consultation is a matter between you and our online Doctor, and going through an online consultation may or may not lead to a prescription being written.

Buying Prescription Medication for Weight Loss Online

Be careful when you buy Xenical or buy Alli online for weight loss because there are many web sites selling illegal and counterfeit weight loss pills online. Use UK web sites which display their physical address and full contact information along with their company information and VAT number. When your medication arrives, check for the prescribing Doctor information as GMC requires all the regulated online clinics to provide the prescribing Doctor's name and GMC registration number.

Prescription only slimming pills (Xenical) and non-prescription (Alli) are available through our web site following a free online consultation.

The prescription medicine you buy from our web site comes from a certified UK pharmacy and all medication is certified to be genuine. Because we are a UK based company, we are able to dispense your medicine through Royal Mail's next day delivery within the UK.

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